Cybelé, the Greek Goddess of Mountains and Outdoors.

Our vision is to create the ultimate brand for all thing’s health and wellness. Focusing on cycling, yoga and triathlon. ‘Cybelé Performance Bikes’ are the ultimate machines for indoor group cycling. ‘Cybelé Apparel’ aims to offer our clients the ultimate fabric to carry out their fitness goals. Cybelé Clubhouses offer the perfect facilities to develop as an athlete and all-round awesome individual. 

Cybelé Bike

After years of performing at world level and travelling countless countries, testing facilities and methods of training. We set about developing the ultimate indoor group cycling system. Utilising the REAL feel ‘Cybelé Performance Bike’.

Cybelé Apparel

High end cycling, triathlon, yoga and casual wear. A lifestyle movement inspired by athlete culture and the emerging triathlete scenes. Cybelé challenges the exclusivity of high-end apparel, bringing premium and innovative designs to a global community. 

Designed in the UK, produced in Italy. Making the change since 2017.

Cybelé Clubhouses

Cybelé Clubhouses offer our followers and members the opportunity to train together, eat together, recover together and plan together. Cybelé brings all aspects of the athlete lifestyle together. 

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