Bike Service

We run a busy and premium bike workshop in FY1 which is exciting, engaging and an awesome atmosphere. Our bike mechanics are on point to chat through any issue no matter how big or how small, offering priceless advice whilst sipping on awesome coffee.

Cybelé Service Course covers all bases: Di2, cargo bikes, mountain bikes, foreign bikes, hybrids, Bromptons, everything with wheels powered by legs. We build wheels and even repair to odd puncture!

The Vélo has everything a cyclist can ask for so whilst your bike gets repaired you can have an indoor spin, grab some food / drink, watch a cycling movie or live event, carry out some yoga, stretch a lit and much more.

We take pride in communicating to our customers, the exact nature of any servicing required and quoting any major parts. In this way there are never any surprises as our customers have been consulted. If you need any type of bicycle service, whether it be a simple puncture repair or a full bicycle service / build, please do contact us.

We guarantee our work for 30 days. If you are not satisfied with the work performed, please bring your bike back or contact us so that we readjust it for you, free of charge.



This is a Tune Up designed for preventative maintenance. Cybelé mechanics adjust your shifting and braking, lube your chain, wipe the bike down, true your wheels and make sure that your bike is safe to ride. This will also give us the opportunity to inspect your chain, brake pads, tires and cables/housing.



The Pro Tune takes our standard tune to the next level and is designed for bikes that need another level of attention. It includes all of the adjustments of the standard tune plus cleaning the drive train, washing the bike, hub adjustments/lubrication and installation of cables/housing, chain, cassette and tires. We recommend the Pro Tune 2-4 times per year/season.



The Overhaul is there to make your bike look and feel new again; it’s like a spa day for your bike. This tune includes all of the services or the Standard and Pro tune plus complete disassembly, cleaning, lubrication and adjustment of every component. We recommend the Gold Service overhaul 2 times per year/season. Go on – treat your bike!

Bike Box Rental

Travel with Peace of Mind. Rent a Box to ensure that your bike arrives safe. Rent-a-box from Cybelé today.

Bike Fit

Cybelé offers a comprehensive bike fit service to ensure your objectives are specifically met. We provide a 3-stage approach:

Stage 1 – Sports Therapist Assessment.

Our qualified sports therapist assesses the rider’s biomechanics and understands the level of flexibility available to adjust to. Our therapist will also discover underlying issues and injuries caused from cycling.

Stage 2 – Rehabilitation Programme.

Our Sports Therapist and qualified bike fit coach will devise a rehabilitation plan to ensure the rider recovers from their injury / niggle.

Stage 3 – Bike Fit.

Our qualified Bike Fit Coach will adjust the riders fit position to meet their objective. A bike fit is not one size fits all. Our approach is understanding the rider’s objective to ensure the rider is placed into the most optimum position for their goal. An 18km TT rider will have a different position for that of an Ironman. Cybelé coaches and therapists follow the correct approach to understand the rider and provide them with the most optimum position for their objective.

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