Born in England

As athletes with competition backgrounds and a history working in engineering design, graphic design and performance, we were constantly on the search for high-performance and technically advanced methods that inspired us out on the road.

Cybelé, the Greek Goddess of Mountains and Outdoors. Our vision is to create the ultimate brand for all thing’s health and wellness. Focusing on cycling, yoga and triathlon. ‘Cybelé Performance Bikes’ are the ultimate machines for indoor group cycling. ‘Cybelé Apparel’ aims to offer our clients the ultimate fabric to carry out their fitness goals. Cybelé Clubhouses offer the perfect facilities to develop as an athlete and all-round awesome individual.  

We recognise not everyone can be a pro athlete… but at Cybelé you certainly can train and be treated like one!

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Scott Leadbetter

Scott developed Cybelé in response from the lack of high-end facilities and apparel encapsulating all things health and wellness. Prior to Cybelé, Scott spent 3 years working and competing in Singapore whilst qualifying three consecutive years for IRONMAN 703 World Championship’s and UCI GF Road & TT World Championships. He is also a qualified chartered surveyor. 

Favourite Ride:

Mt Wuling, Taiwan. 

Favourite Discipline:



We welcome clients who are new to swimming, cycling and running. We offer a thorough range of services; from building confidence, bike servicing to fitness programmes and expert coaching.

We offer our services for all ages and abilities, wherever you like to train or compete, we can help you achieve your objective.

If you know you want to improve your fitness and lifestyle but don’t really know where to start or what to do, we are here to direct you.


Looking for your next sporting challenge? We can help you set and achieve your objectives fit, healthy and faster.

Our coaching plans are analytically based and we offer a range of physiological tests to identify your starting baseline.

We also offer best bike fits to ensure you get the ideal position to suit your objective, an essential service for your pleasure and efficiency whilst riding.


Regardless of your objective and race goal. Cybelé is where you come to optimise your potential. 

Cybelé is built on first-hand experience and success – founded by Scott Leadbetter who has won Ironman branded events, podium multiple times, qualified for 2 World Championship IRONMAN 703’s and UCI Road Cycling World Championships and representing Great Britain at the European Middle-Distance Triathlon Championships in Ibiza 2018.


High end cycling, triathlon, yoga and casual wear. A lifestyle movement inspired by athlete culture and the emerging triathlete scenes.

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