We use real bikes, designed by us. Cybelé bikes offer an accurate reflection of road cycling, far superior to spinning bikes or watt bikes.

Cybelé adjustable bikes ensure you get to train the specific muscle groups required on a road bike you need in order to work at your optimal intensity. Spin bikes are different from road or triathlon bikes because the flywheel makes your hamstrings work harder to slow the pedals as they come around. When you’re on a road bike, you pedal against the friction of road resistance and wind resistance, requiring more work from your hip flexors and quadriceps.

State-of-the-art bikes, a professional coaching team, a high-tech lab and the provision of personal data all combine to give you a complete package to help you reach your goals. No matter what your ability you share the same workout as each other and the same pain, through our Bluetooth technology turbo trainers.

It’s All About Power

Productive cycling training is based on threshold power. Whoever can hold a higher threshold for the longest will win the races. It is possible to train your threshold and increase the power that you can hold comfortably for around a 30-minute period and that’s exactly what Cybelé Vélo sessions do. We provide training around your individual threshold abilities so you get the most productivity out of your rides.

Adjustable Bikes

You don’t need to bring your own bike to Cybele to have a life-like ride indoors. Unlike spin bikes, our bespoke Cybelé adjustable bikes are purpose-built, with gears. Built to Shimano specifications, there are no old-style spin bike knobs and no having to guess what gear you’re in.

Cybelé bikes are fully adjustable. You’ll get a comfortable fit whether you’re 4’11 or 6’7. Paired with our indoor cycling software to provide real-time performance data, our adjustable bikes make training convenient, comfortable and effective.

Upon registration with measure you, we test your threshold and then our Wahoo KickR’s do the rest. You push the watts, you get fitter and stronger.


Wattbike Pro and Trainer bikes are engineered to enhance the performance of any athlete. Visualise how to apply force through each pedal stroke and optimise your technique with our patented analysis tool.

Training with Polar View helps to improve your pedalling efficiency and power output. The Pro and Trainer use an innovative combination of air and magnetic resistance to deliver smooth, incremental increases. With a maximum of 3,760W for the Wattbike Pro, there is enough resistance for even the toughest workouts.

This unique technology replicates the resistance and sensation of riding on the road, so all of the effort you put in indoors easily translates out onto the road.

Strength & Conditioning

The Vélo offers specific equipment to assist in building your strength, mobility and flexibility on the bike. The Strength and Conditioning machines target the legs, core and back and aim to improve on bike strength, pedal stroke efficiency, flexibility and reduce injuries, so that you can become a better and stronger cyclist.

Our Yoga classes will work on increasing overall strength and flexibility, with a focus on specific areas of the body relevant for cyclists.

Physiological Testing 

We take the guess-work out of your performance by using scientific methods to put exact numbers on your exercise capabilities.

Physiological Testing takes place in our dedicated Performance Lab and is conducted by a member of our team.

• Functional Threshold Test (FTP)
• VO2 Max Test
• Maximum Heart Rate Test
• Max Power Test
• Lactate Threshold Test
• Body Composition Analysis
• Nutritional Analysis
• Bike Fit
• Pedal Analysis

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